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Job Description:


Ensures assigned SAVE-A-LOT retail store achieves the operational standards set forth by the company. Assist the store manager to achieve excellent daily store conditions and positive work environment in a manner that maximize sales, profits and a satisfying shopping experience for our customers.? Assists in hiring, training, coaching, developing employees, and in directing effective safety, security and sanitation programs that meets SAVE-A-LOT?s operational standards. Assist the manager in compliance of all company policies and procedures. In the absence of the Store Manager, operates the store and directs the store team in a manner that is consistent with SAVE-A-LOT?s policies and procedures. Shares responsibility to ensure store?s compliance with all City, State and Federal requirements

Job Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Shares responsibility to ensure SAVE-A-LOT store is operated according to the operational standards set forth by the company and in a manner that maximizes sales and profits.

  • Shares responsibility for providing leadership that result in excellent daily store conditions to include, but not limited to, effective daily produce/meat department operations that fully adhere to SAVE-A-LOT?s operational standards, daily execution of Food Safety, Produce/Meat programs, safety policies including power equipment operation and ensures excellent daily sanitation standards are achieved.

  • Shares responsibility for expense control and managing all company assets, including but not limited to: shrink control, total payroll, productivity measurements and products/supply ordering.

  • Shares leadership responsibility in selecting, staffing, coaching and developing store associates and by creating a positive store environment for employees and customers. This includes but not limited to: effective and open communication with all employees, hiring, training, coaching, developing and progressive disciplinary actions as required.

  • Assists the Store Manager with the SAVE-A-LOT hiring process.? Includes, but not limited to: Phone Screens, Panel Interviews, Reference checks and hiring recommendations.

  • Assist the Store Manager in setting and executing all work priorities and directing the assignment of individual tasks within the store. This includes, but not limited to: product ordering, effective store meetings, assignment card usage and the Committed to Win daily store walk.

  • Assist the Store Manager in training, coaching and developing all associates following the Best Methods and SAVE-A-LOT?s operational standards in all areas of the store.

  • Assists the Store Manager in ensuring great execution of good customer service practices throughout the store and becomes directly involved with customer service as needed.

  • Assist the Store Manager with the responsibilities for a clean, neat, well-stocked and friendly store that meets SAVE-A-LOT?s operational standards.

  • Assists the Store Manager with merchandising program execution and the visual presentation of merchandise, including store layout, all plan-o-grams, displays, price signs/tags and COOL signage; maintain a high standard of operation for customers which includes a clean, safe, well stocked, place to shop. This includes managing inventory levels to the specific metrics of the store and ensuring quality, freshness, and effective rotation practices to meet SAVE-A-LOT?s food safety standards.

  • Shares the responsibility with the Store Manager in the implementation of and compliance with all SAVE-A-LOT policies and procedures. This includes, but is not limited to; Accounting procedures and practices, Cash Handling, Inventory Processes, Loss Prevention, Payroll Administration, Sanitation, Food Safety, Best Methods, 5S, SCA, documentation, policy violations, administrative paperwork, and initiating effective communication with Business Unit staff, Retail Business Support staff and Human Resources concerning those areas or others as outlined.

  • Responsible for acquiring Food Safety Certification in accordance with SAL policies and City/State requirements.

  • Protect company property, funds and merchandise at all times.

  • Responsible to comply with all City, State and Federal regulations.

  • Complete other assignments/duties as assigned. Includes, but not limited to: assigned store produce accountability, temporary store assignments in Business Unit and reset teams for special projects.

Job Requirements:

Relevant Experience, Education, Certification, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must be 18 years of age

  • High School diploma or equivalent

  • College degree, some college work completed or work equivalent preferred

  • Basic experience with electronic technology and communications

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; ability to work in a multi-task environment

Must possess the following leadership competencies:

Thought Leadership: Must be able to think broadly to resolve issues and understand the key business strategies, deliverables and processes. Identifies opportunities to improve store performance.

Results Leadership: Must show proactive initiative and strong drive for achieving stated? goals and objectives.?? Must demonstrate commitment to manage work effectively, improve processes, improve store performance and satisfy customers.

People Leadership: Must possess strong communication skills.? Must maintain positive relationship by respecting differences and collaboratively sharing information, best methods and personal expertise with team members. Must encourage commitment of store employees and be able to assess their abilities.? Utilizes SAL hiring, staffing and training programs to select and develop store personnel.

Personal Leadership:? Must lead by example. Must follow stated policies and take personal responsibility for actions. Adapt to changing environments and responsibilities and be open to learning and feedback.

Physical Requirements

  • Requires the ability to reach, bend, balance, lift and transport various objects weighing 20-50 lbs repeatedly throughout the shift; at times, product weight may reach 50-80 lbs.

  • Must have the ability to stand, walk and / or move about for extended periods of time.

  • Requires the ability to push, pull, grasp, twist and use sawing motions for extended periods of time.

  • Regularly works in freezers, coolers, refrigerators, inside and outside of the store in all weather conditions and inside delivery trucks.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of the work performed by the employees assigned to this job. All employees must comply with Company policy and applicable laws.? The responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified may vary within each department and/or location. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist